Voodoo Lounge (Half Speed Master)
Voodoo Lounge (Half Speed Master) Voodoo Lounge (Half Speed Master)
Double Heavyweight Vinyl. Remastered and Cut at Revelatory Half-Speed at Abbey Road Studios.

Flood Gallery Exclusive

Comes with a Mick Jagger mini print (worth £15).

Voodoo Lounge, is ragged and glorious, reveling in the quintessential rock and roll the Stones marked as their own some 30 years ago. Plumbing the past to cop riffs from their classics, the Stones perfect their rebel stance in the service of pleasure, with producer Don Was working to bring it all up to date. Together, they keep the grooves short and mean, making for an album that’s tight without being overprocessed, neat without being nice. The incomparable Charlie Watts is Voodoo’s secret weapon, from the album’s opening snare-drum volley to the effortless swing of its sign-off, Mean Disposition. Watts’ command allows new bassist Darryl Jones to easily click into place. (Bill who?) Keith Richards plays fast and loose, and Ron Wood adds his own torn and frayed finesse to Richards’ vamps. Mick Jagger’s singing is pure pleasure.

£27.99 GBP